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Kids, Fans and the Love of the Royals

Recently, I’ve been asked to chat with some kids as a part of the “Chevy Youth Baseball Moments” feature.  You never know what you’re going to get when you put someone on camera and ask them to speak with you, but kids present an entirely new variable to that equation, uncensored honesty.

“So what’s your record?” I asked.
“We’ve only won one game.  We’re not very good,” the young boy replied.

You hear a lot of things walking around Kauffman Stadium.  Some good, some bad, some funny, some profane, some sweet and some honest.

“Daddy, why did the man throw the bat down?” the little girl asked.
“Well, honey, I guess he wasn’t happy he struck out,” her father replied.

All this interaction with fans and more so with lots of young kids this season, as prompted by the Chevy Youth Baseball promotions, reminds me of the time that I ran into Royals President Dan Glass in the lobby earlier this season.  We exchanged brief hellos and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out four tickets for the very first row of the BATS Crown Seats.

“Do me a favor?” he asked.  “Go out and ask a nice young family in Royals gear if they want to see Greinke pitch up close.”

That wouldn’t be a problem, I thought.

It was in section 412 of the upper deck where I found the perfect “winners” – a young family with an eight-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter.  They told me that they lived about an hour and a half away and came out five or six times a year, but tonight was an impromptu trip because they really wanted to see Greinke pitch and, therefore, couldn’t bring the whole family. 

“The whole family?” I asked.  “What do you mean?”
“We had to leave our other four kids with my folks,” the man replied.

Six kids, I thought.  I have ONE three-year-old daughter and taking her to a public restroom can be a crazy, mad-capped adventure, but taking SIX kids (all under the age of 10, I might add) to a baseball game…I imagine would require some real patience.

“So you and your wife bring your six kids out a half a dozen times a year?” I asked.
“We sure do. The kids love the games, and we love the Royals,” the man gently replied.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Go Royals.


Royals Watch Party and A Tribute to Mark Teahen

Royals Watch Parties are like the mail, rain or shine they arrive and more often than not you get something free. IMG_0170.jpg(In the case of the mail, that “freebie” usually ends up in the garbage.) However, the not-so-ideal weather did not discourage the happy Royals fans who made the journey out to the Power and Light District this past Tuesday night.

Those who joined us were not disappointed. We had a blast. There were dance teams,  a drumline, banana eating contests (yes…you read that right), free raffles and more. Heck all that was missing was a juggler, someone to make balloon animals and the Red Panda.

IMG_0135.jpgAmong the “free stuff” given away were autographed balls by Mark Teahen, Kyle Davies and Jose Guillen, a Coco Crisp autographed bat, a game worn David DeJesus autographed jersey, as well as several gift certificates to restaurants in the Power & Light District. All for FREE.
So ya see, if you weren’t there, you should definitely be there next time. Thanks to all who came out and made it such a great evening. Stay tuned…ya never know when another Watch Party will be announced.

IMG_0097.JPGOn a slightly different note, you see some strange tributes to players out at The K. For instance, there are plenty of “Z”s to be seen when Zack Grienke pitches. You see a lot of different signs that say things like “Marry me David DeJesus” or “The Bloominator” (there was even one not too long ago that said “Come talk to me Tim”… nice) and stuff like that. But I’m just not sure what this fine gentlemen was trying to pay tribute to when he decided to dawn this little gem in the Diamond Club a few games back. I took a photo because I really wanted to share it with you.

You’re Welcome.

Go Royals!

What I Know, What I Don’t Know and Where to Get A Really Good Cupcake

I think it might be a safe assessment to say that I don’t know very much about a select few things. But, it’s probably also safe to say that I know something about a great many things. Now this has served me well at public gatherings and other places where I’m forced to “mingle” with people that I don’t really know, and today I thought I’d share some things I know and don’t know that you may find relevant.


If you want to be picked for a promotion and get put up on CrownVision, come out to the games early. Wear a lot of Royals gear, seek out the K Crew and tell them how wonderful they are. The K Crew is responsible for picking contestants. And they’re pretty swell folks so… find ’em.

Generally, when I “throw it back” to Mike McCartney and he fails to reply to me, it is either because:
a. He is laughing.
b. He isn’t sure how to respond to my extremely clever banter.
c. He has to hurry up and announce the next player up to bat because times almost up.

Inning breaks are 1 minute 40 seconds long. Everything I say or anything else that happens during an inning break has to adhere to that time restriction. Watch the umpires after the 3rd out, they have stop watches.

Zack Greinke is a stud.


I have no idea why the person wearing the green shirt has won all but one — count it, one — of the Live John Deere Mow ‘Em Down Races.

I have no clue why there is not a “Mustache Cam.” Although, I’m campaigning hard to make that happen.

I’m clueless as to why some people stand up from their seats behind home plate and wave incessantly hoping that the person on the other end of their cell phone conversation says something like, “ya… ya man… ya I totally see you.”

I’m not sure why there is not an invitation for a community slip-and-slide when the tarp is on the field during a rain delay. I mean, what better way to kill time.


2IMG_0448.JPGFinally, I ask that you please indulge me on this one. Over the past few weeks my two-year-old daughter Sophia and I have been on a quest to discover the best cupcake in Kansas City. (That’s what you do when you have a two year old, right?) We have found it, and I think it’s worth sharing. It’s at Cupcake A La Mode on 47th Street just west of the Country Club Plaza. It’s tough to go wrong with the Raspberry Lemonade cupcake.2IMG_0509.JPG Delicious. I’m sure they’re die-hard Royals fans as well. Does that make it more appropriate? Anyhow, the Royals are in first place in the AL Central. Treat yourself to a cupcake!


Go Royals!